Italian, Japanese and French designers

A magical number the vital breath, An open formula, the infinite journey. Towards lightness. In things, into the world. Otto d’ame. Eight women. Who infuse the soul, who put heart in what they do. Who put body, that bring life to a delicate dream. The beauty from within. SEE THE WEBSITE
Maliparmi, born in Padoue in 1977 is a ready-to-wear, bags and shoes brand. It is also a family story, transmitted from mother to daughter, who get their inspiration in their several journeys. Maliparmi explores its materials, the textures, the fibers, at the same time in the world and in its archives. Its strength is in the creation and in the combination of print, which constitute the DNA of the brand. SEE THE WEBSITE
APUNTOB is a refine clothing Italian brand created in 2006 in Roma. A relaxing and timeless style, working on naturals and qualitative materials. The elegance of AB is in the precision of its volumes. The identity of ApuntoB offers, is present on its continuously renewed palettes of colors, composed of gingham, stripes and solid colors. SEE THE WEBSITE

CT PLAGE is an innovative Japanese stitch brand which use rare materials which have an incredible success. The creations of Naomi, with right volumes are simple, chic and elegant. She is attentive to the quality of the materials and to their origins.


Light, authentic, natural, counting a story, the linen has always found its place in dressing rooms! The brand offers a beautiful range of dyed linen dresses and tunics, which give to the fabrics an incredible softness and the possibility to offer, each season, an extremely large palette of colors and tones. Since the 90’s, it is in the countryside of Bologna that the team of Alberto Perretto works on this noble material, using the oldest embroidery found during its journey. SEE THE WEBSITE
« Passion is a question of skin » Delan is a brand of leather jackets. This family company with an authentic savoir-faire, was transmitted from father to son since 1974. By combining tradition and “Made in Italy”, DELAN enthralls us each season. By giving the impression of already used to the leather jackets, the brand makes its jackets timeless SEE THE WEBSITE

PMR 76 coat and jacket line for 40 years, is at a turning point thanks to a new team which is reinventing working clothes as well as refined clothes, with handmade finishes. The line of coats is rich of unexpected details, with perfect cuts, made in Italy.

At the heart of the Romagne, country of traditions, WHITE SAND, a trousers brand since 1979 is always looking for new materials. Influenced by Far East, particularly by Japan, the design is simple with delicate colors. For a new woman, spirited and confident, all of this describe the innovative spirit of WHITE SAND. SEE THE WEBSITE
« A GRAND MORIN isn’t only a cloth, it is also our history ! » Tradition and innovation: these are the leading words of GRAND MORIN. 
GRAND MORIN specialized in the “over-cloth” Haute Couture, was born from the passion and the tradition Venetian. A society which is always innovating and give birth to clothes with contemporary tendencies. Today like in the past, the quality and the attention for details are the priorities of the brand. Each cloth is authentic and handmade. SEE THE WEBSITE

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